In today’s modern society the influence of information technology can be evident in every sphere of life. The public sector must make every effort to keep up with the changing times by creating accessible electronic services among its officials and citizens. Many countries have already been notably acknowledged for their efforts and progress in developing digital societies.

The main idea behind the eGovernance Digest project is to provide a platform for individuals seeking to learn more about the field of eGovernance, the latest innovative advancements in the public sector and events that showcase best practices around world.

The information on this site is divided into three main streams: Articles, Interviews and Events. The Articles section contains recent ideas, news or discussions in the field of eGovernance. The Interviews section provides valuable practical knowledge and experience on implementing digital services from professionals in the field. Finally, the Events column will gather guiding information about international conferences, meetings, and seminars relevant to the field of eGovernance.

eGovernance Digest aims to become a respectful intermediary source of eGovernance-related information around the globe.