Watch the Tallinn e-Governance Conference 2017 Online

Tallinn e-Govenrnance Conference is an annual event dedicated to technological innovations in the public sector. This year, topics of discussion were around international cooperation for building up national e-governance expertise, building sustainable digital identity, mobile e-Governance and others. Traditionally, experts were invited from different countries in order to share the best practices and discuss possible

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Which public e-services are people looking for?

In April 2017, we had a chance to organise and present a workshop focusing on digital identities and services provided thanks to these identities at the International eGovernment and eDemocracy Conference in Quito, Ecuador. We had a privilege working with an internationally diverse group of participants ranging from countries such as Ecuador, Estonia, France, Canada, China, Mexico,

Ambulance Drone

Within the past several years, drones have been taking the spotlight not only as fancy toys but also as functional tools for various purposes. There are several spheres where this technology is already commonly used such as photography, videography, journalism, agriculture, small items delivery, dangerous areas surveying, among some others. Drones help individuals find solutions

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Definition of e-governance

E-Governance is a relatively new concept, which has been gaining considerable importance over the past few years. Today, it has become possible to implement significant changes into how governments around the world function with the assistance of Information Technology (IT). Since e-governance is a relatively new phenomenon, it has not yet established universally clear terms

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About eGovernance Digest

In today’s modern society the influence of information technology can be evident in every sphere of life. The public sector must make every effort to keep up with the changing times by creating accessible electronic services among its officials and citizens. Many countries have already been notably acknowledged for their efforts and progress in developing

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